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Student Housing located in Union, South Carolina

Rules and Regulations

University Commons at Lakeside Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations have been adopted to secure your comfort and safety, while maintaining a quality living environment.

  • Tenants shall perform no redecoration, maintenance repairs, or replace equipment without the written approval of the Landlord.
  • Profane, obscene or loud language is absolutely prohibited on the premises. Tenant obligates himself and those under him, not to do or permit to be done anything that will annoy, harass, embarrass, discommode, or inconvenience any of the other tenants or occupants in adjoining premises.
  • There should be NO smoking inside of units.
  • The use of musical instruments, radios, televisions, stereos and tape recordings shall not be operated so as to harass, annoy, or inconvenience any other tenant. Quiet hours between 11:00 PM until 8:00 AM will be enforced.
  • Tenants shall have NO dogs, cats, or other animals on the premises.
  • No tenant or tenant’s guest shall consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Tenants shall be responsible for damage done to seeded area grass, shrubs, and trees around the building, such as digging, uprooting, trampling, etc.
  • No barbecues or open fires are permitted.
  • The rented premises shall be used and occupied only as a student residence and no business of any kind shall be conducted from them.
  • ONLY the occupants listed on the application for tenancy and lease shall occupy the apartment. Any deviation from this shall automatically terminate this lease agreement.
  • Tenant shall not store any combustible, flammable, or explosive substance on or about the premises.
  • No additional or replacement locks of any type will be installed on any door without the written permission of Landlord.
  • No garbage or other refuse shall be stored on the premises for extended periods of time. All garbage and refuse shall be disposed of in a timely manner in places provided by the University Commons.
  • No signs, notices, or advertisements shall be attached or displayed by tenants on or about the premises.
  • The following items shall not be considered as natural wear and tear to the premises, but shall be considered as damage to the premises and subsequently the cost of repair will be deducted from any security deposit.
    • Holes in walls and woodwork
    • Careless care of paint in the apartment
    • Spray painting or marking on interior/exterior walls
    • Damage to flooring, utility pipes, wiring, plumbing, light fixtures, or any other fixture, walls, floors, or ceilings
    • Damage done to seeded area and shrubs around apartment such as digging, uprooting, trampling, etc.
    • Water damage caused by overflow of kitchen/bathroom sinks, bathtub, wash machine or by failure to close windows or doors during inclement weather, thereby exposing interior of apartment to elements
    • Broken windows/glass: windows, storm windows, storm doors, etc.
    • Failure of tenant to leave apartment appliances clean upon termination of this lease/rental agreement
    • Failure of tenant to regularly clean and maintain flooring
  • Involvement in any illegal drug activity will be automatic grounds for termination of this lease/rental agreement. This rule will be strictly enforced, with no exceptions.
  • No sticky materials, large nails, hooks, screws, or string lights (such as holiday decorations) are to be put in or on walls or ceilings. Command strips are the only approved item for hanging objects on walls.
  • Tenants are not permitted on rooftops.
  • Tenant agrees to give right of entry to pest control vendors when extermination is scheduled.
  • Halogen lamps, and charcoal grills are not permitted.
  • Beer kegs may not be brought onto the property, or the Tenant will be fined $500.00.
  • Tenant must only park in designated parking areas. Tenant(s) may not park or drive on the grass at any times. Cars cannot be parked in fire lanes along curbs, near dumpsters, behind another car, or any location other than the designated parking spaces. Tenant is responsible for informing his/her guests of all policies contained in this lease.
  • Tenant shall keep the window glass clean at all times and shall not cover any window in any manner which, in the opinion of the Landlord detracts from the appearance of the apartment building. Tenants shall observe all rules and regulations, which may be hereafter set forth by the Landlord in reference to the use of the premises leased/rented here, in addition to these rules and regulations set forth herein. Landlord reserves the right, at their sole opinion, to amend or revoke any of these rules and regulations, in and all such amendments, revocations, or new rules and regulations shall become part of this lease agreement as of their effective date. Violation of these rules or regulations, or any part of them, by the tenant will be just cause for the Landlord to invoke the remedies enumerated in the lease agreement in regard to these rules and regulations or to declare a forfeiture of the lease agreement as in any case of forfeiture. Any notice as to amending or revoking any of these rules or regulations in whole or in part, or to adopt new ones, shall be effective upon notice of same being sent to the tenant by the Landlord in the form as set forth in this lease agreement for serving notices by Landlord on tenant, or some may in addition thereto, become effective, upon the date same are posted at or near the place set up for the mail boxes in the apartment building in which the demised premises are a part.
  • If for any reason you get locked out of your apartment or house and a property manager has to open the house, there will be a $75.00 charge during regular business hours and a $150.00 for after hours and weekends/holidays. If you request a complete lock change, the fee is $35.00 per lock and $42.00 an hour for labor. After hours, charges will double.